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Fox News- Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Investments - YouTube
Aug 19, 2011 . - Video explains in detail the current real estate investment market in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Real Estate Investment Strategies - YouTube
Aug 30, 2011 . Orange County real estate investor and Realtor Gabe Cole presents two different investment strategies to take advantage of the opportunities in .

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Real Estate Investing Training Video - How To Wholesale ... - YouTube
May 16, 2008 . Real Estate investing video training Michael Jake discusses how to simplify wholesaling houses. Simple Steps to .

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INVEST in REAL ESTATE-Investment Tips for Investors in ... - YouTube
Apr 6, 2007 . This Nashville property was purchased for $115,000 in a "young professional" section of Sylvan Park. We renovated it for about $25,000, and .

Real Estate Investment - YouTube
Feb 11, 2011 . - Real Estate Investments Can Change Your Life, But How Do You Know Which Real Estate Investment Makes Sense .