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Health Insurance for Unemployed Workers
Steve Trattner, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Cinergy Health, shares his health insurance tips for unemployed workers: COBRA: If you lose job-based .

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Health Insurance Tips for Unemployed » Health Insurance Advice
We all have felt the effects of today's tough economy in some way or another. Whether you lost your job or you know someone who has, one of the most pressing .

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Unemployment Often Means Skipping Medical Care - Blogs - WebMD
Dec 15, 2011 . WebMD helps readers understand their health insurance and the new health care reform law. . The unemployment rate in the U.S. recently dropped just slightly: it fell by 0.4% in . Tips, Advice, Support from Others Like You!

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Health Insurance Resources - Articles and Tips
Learn about the various options on health insurance for unemployed individuals. . Tips on how you can reduce the amount you'll pay for health insurance and .

Recently Unemployed? Here's Five Health Insurance Tips | GLOBAL ...
Aug 6, 2012 . Dealing with recent unemployment can often be frustrating, and many can remain unemployed for long periods at a time. But are you .