mortgage master ltd Find Out If Your Rental Is In Foreclosure
Some tenants have been reporting that landlords have been attempting to record quit claim deed forms in an effort to eliminate their obligations to the property .

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Citigroup's odd foreclosure rental program - The Term Sheet ...
Aug 10, 2012 . The bank is trying to dump loans and claim it's helping borrowers at the same time. FORTUNE -- Citigroup is getting into the rental business, .

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Facing foreclosure? Rent your home from the bank - CBS News
Aug 9, 2012 . CitiMortgage's rental program offers underwater homeowners facing foreclosure the chance to remain in their homes as tenants.

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Foreclosure and Renting to a New Tenant: Tenant Remedies | Nolo ...
If a landlord rents out property knowing it will soon be in foreclosure, what can the tenant do?

Foreclosure Rentals
Learn how to rent a foreclosed home and save huge! Written by Zack Prebble.