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What rental car insurance do I need? -
"I drive but do not currently own a car, so do not have car insurance. . When you drive any car you are potentially liable for any damage you might do to another .

what insurance do you need to drive any car

How do I insure myself to drive any vehicle?
How do I insure myself to drive any vehicle? . Insurance, Etc.? Insurance: what it is, how it works and why you need it Get Answers ? Get answers to the .

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I have fully comprehensive car insurance.Would I be insured to ...
Feb 17, 2009 . Would I be insured to drive my parents car if I was giving them a? . You would have to check your insurance documents to see if it is allowed. . Do I get some kind of letter saying that i can go get my lincese after having had .

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Everything you need to know about Car Insurance
Little known facts about the 6 different kinds of car insurance policies. . the other car or cars involved in the accident, but it also covers damage you do to any . If you drive to work and tell your insurance company you don't, you have basically .

Why NOT to drive any car in USA without your insurance name on it ...
Car NO Insurance One of the common things I have seen many international students or professionals do is to drive others cars or rental cars without any proper .